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Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them


~Robert Jarvik


Joon's Bio



Welcome to a Better San Diego!

Here's the skinny on founder Joon S. Han


I founded Better San Diego when I realized two very important things:

    1) there were tons of very determined, dedicated and smart people running   

        their own business that needed just a little strategic and process

        engineering expertise here and there to really get their businesses booming

    2) that I wasn't going to make a very good lackey/"yes man" anytime soon


My formal education is from UCSD in Molecular Biology (basically, genetic

detective work & problem solving) and from UCLA's Anderson School of

Management (a concentrated layman's MBA).  Our processes were developed

from various professional certifications and applying all of the books you've probably read yourself (by the way, did you put that stuff into action yet?).

Creator and Lead Instructor for The Magic Biz Box

Author of Get Ahead by Giving Back

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My passion is for you "the little guy" and we exist because strategic alignment is the right of every business- not just mega-companies!

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